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How does commission sales work?

Do you have a lot of used designer items lying around in your closet, but don't have the time or desire to sell them?

Then you've come to the right place with our commission sales service, because we'll help you convert your old treasures into money and do it conveniently for you!

Your advantages for commission sales:

  • Low time expenditure: All you have to do is send your goods to us and we will provide the shipping label!
  • All in one: We cover the costs of shipping to us and to the customer. We organize all the necessary steps up to the sale!
  • Convenient payout: You will simply receive the money via bank transfer as soon as the item is sold (plus 14-day return policy).

How does the 9ine Life commission sales service work?

1. Contact us conveniently via Whatsapp , Instagram (, email ( ) or via the contact form below.

2. Then send us pictures of your old designer items.

3. We will inform you about our possible selling price.

4. We will send you a shipping label by email and wait for your package!

5. We inspect your items and create product photos, fitpics and the product description. We will then upload your items to our online shop!

6. 14 days after the sale of your item, we will contact you and pay you the money to your desired bank account.

Further information:

Our fee for this service is 20% of the sales price.

You will receive a commission contract from us.

We reserve the right to reject products that do not suit us.

Write us an email with your request and we will respond to you promptly!