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Before your designer piece comes to you, it is checked extensively by our experts and the authenticity of your item is 100% guaranteed. The product is checked down to the smallest detail for craftsmanship, seams, material, shape, serial number, zippers and logos/lettering.


Each item contains one

Authenticity Certificate Card

After successful verification, each item receives our Authenticity Certificate Card , which is signed by the respective inspector.

In addition to our internal authentication process, we only cooperate with certified and professional companies that have decades of experience in the luxury segment. Our suppliers are carefully selected for their expertise, reputation and commitment to quality. We have long-term relationships with some of the most respected and experienced luxury retailers in the industry, ensuring us access to the most sought-after pieces from the most sought-after brands.

Additionally, we do not purchase items from private individuals, except in rare cases where the piece is particularly rare and exceptional. We understand that authenticity verification can be a complex process and we only buy from sources we trust and know.