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Save 17%Kapital Bandana-Jacke mit Paisley Muster rosa-lila 4/L - 9ine Life GmbHKapital Bandana-Jacke mit Paisley Muster rosa-lila 4/L - 9ine Life GmbH
Kapital bandana jacket with paisley pattern pink-purple 4/L Sale price€290,00 EUR Regular price€350,00 EUR


Kapital, the renowned Japanese fashion brand, stands for creative expression and unique design. With its innovative approach and aesthetics, the Kapital brand has made a name for itself in the fashion world.

At 9inelife, we offer a carefully curated selection of pre-owned, vintage-style capital fashion. Explore different styles and product types including:

- Unique "bandana print" pieces for a touch of individuality.
- High quality clothing with patchwork designs for an avant-garde look.
- Sustainable and tested products that reflect our ecological values.

Our products made from used capital tell stories and combine creative fashion with sustainability.