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Article: How to check a Gucci bag for authenticity!

Gucci Taschen monogram GG Authentifizierung

How to check a Gucci bag for authenticity!

The Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci has existed since 1921 and was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence. The company is particularly known for its exclusive products such as handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories and has many flagship stores in major cities such as Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Due to the great popularity of high-priced Gucci products, they are often the target of counterfeiters. It's becoming increasingly difficult to tell a fake Gucci handbag from a real bag, but there are a few signs you can look out for before buying.

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At 9ine Life we ​​sell a range of designer brands, with Gucci being one of the more popular brands. Since all of our items are 100% genuine, we want to show you how to tell a fake Gucci bag from a real one. In this guide, we'll explain how you can tell if a Gucci bag is real.

Gucci handbag Jackie baby blue white

1. Serial number and inner label

The serial number on a Gucci bag is the quickest way to determine whether it is an original or not. All authentic Gucci handbags have a leather label with the Gucci logo located near the interior zipper of the bag. You can see the registered symbol "®" at the top as well as the name "Gucci" with "made in Italy", everything being stamped into the leather.

Gucci label inside with code

If you fold this label up, you should be able to see the serial number/model number of the bag. Newer Gucci bags have two lines of 10-13 numbers. The code 114595 in the top line indicates the specific model of the bag. While pre-90s bags only have a series of numbers.

It is common for the same supplier code to be used for more than one bag. So even if you find another Gucci handbag with the same code, it's nothing to worry about. Also, don't worry if the embossing itself on new Gucci bags appears unclear or faint; some materials are more difficult to emboss than others.

While the meaning of these numbers is unclear, this is a detail that few counterfeit bags feature. You can also try entering these numbers into Google to see if you can find your specific model. However, don't be discouraged if no results appear.

2. QR codes

Modern Gucci handbags manufactured in 2016/2017 and later are marked with a QR code that can be easily scanned with most smartphones to determine authenticity. This is a new step that Gucci has taken to combat counterfeiters as it is more difficult for them to copy both the serial number and the QR code.

If you know the bag is a new model, you should look for a QR code in addition to any other signs of authenticity.

3. Leather quality

While the serial number often gives an immediate indication of whether a bag is genuine or not, the quality of the leather is also an important point to pay attention to.


Brands like Gucci use high-quality leather for their luxury handbags, so it's pretty easy to tell the difference between real leather and fake bags. This includes an irregular grain, as is common on old Gucci bags. Fake leather is typically overly smooth and has a plastic-like appearance.

Another important indicator of a genuine bag is the smell of the leather. It should feel smooth and buttery and have a natural and pleasant musky smell.

4. Metal fittings and engraving (hardware)

It is important that you check the quality of the metal fittings on your genuine Gucci bag. Authentic Gucci products are characterized by robust and heavy fittings. Make sure all zippers, locks, and other metal hardware are perfectly placed and have the correct logos and fonts. Make sure they are not rusty or chipped.

An authentic Gucci handbag is characterized by high-quality and solid fittings. The YKK or Gucci zippers, locks, solid metal base and other engraved elements should be perfectly placed and have the correct logos and fonts. Even though the counterfeiters may be able to correctly imitate the external appearance of the bag, they usually find it difficult to reproduce the hardware exactly.

Possible locations for Gucci engraving:

  • Buttons
  • Zippers (underside)
  • handle
  • buckles

Gucci metal fittings with Gucci engraving

5. Stitching and overall quality

The seams on Gucci bags are always perfect and evenly made. The seam is intentionally sewn at a slight angle rather than in a straight line.

Gucci bag outer stitching and overall quality

6. Anthers

All authentic Gucci bags come with high quality dust bags designed to protect the item. These dust bags are usually dark brown, light brown, white or black in color and feature the Gucci logo or Gucci monogram.

In addition, Gucci dust bags should have a soft, silky-smooth surface. Finding a Gucci bag wrapped in plastic is often the first sign that it might be a fake.

Gucci cotton dust bag brown

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Hallo ,ich habe eine Tasche auf flohmarkt gekauft ,die von gucci sein soll, ich würde gerne wissen ob das echte ist, es sieht sehr echt aus aber es fehlt der Seriennummer. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Kornbrust


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